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About Us


Welcome to Em Chang online shop!

Emilia and Chang opened their studio in 2013 as a gallery and workshop in Brasov. The studio provides a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in the historical city setting and the artists have been teaching here fun ceramic classes for kids and adults alike. Beside the workshops, they decided to open an online shop so that their art work could come right into your hands.

Artist Profile

Em Chang’s organic ceramic shapes are inspired by the nature around the Carpathian mountains. Organic textures and colors are always her art theme. Especially, her works are influenced by Korean Ceramics and traditional painting, which she studied in South Korea for 7 years. She is married to Y.T. Chang and they have one son.


Art high school in Sibiu
B.A. in Visual Arts from “Ioan Andreescu” University in Cluj
KonKuk University and Ceramia Studio in Seoul, South Korea
Em Chang Studio (Bufnita Atelier) in Brasov since 2013